Jason our new Lead Guitarist
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Audrey our new keyboard player.
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Ian has always been around music, from an early age family members would get together to party and sing, instruments included piano,banjo, guitar, tea chest bass harmonica and spoons.
At the age of 5 he was playing simple tunes on the piano, at 11 an uncle showed him some basic chords on the guitar, and some simple harmonica tunes. At 18 he was getting up on stage to sing with local bands in London, where he grew up. It was'nt until 1987 here in Perth, that his friend Collin, suggested he buy some bass gear and get into a band. Soon after he was in a local country/rock band 'West Coast Country' which shortly after was a support act for the 'Drifters' The next band was 'Scorpion'and then  'Desert Mist' after 6 months 2 members left and so he bought all the equipment and took over the band which went on for 8 years. Retiring for 8 years another friend talked him into playing again and in March 2011 he put together 'INDIANA' using musicians he had known and played with over the years. Ian does most of the lead vocals, and intends to keep going for as long as possible.
Grahame grew up in Mersyside, home of the 'Beatles' & started playing drums at 15, by the age of 18 he was travelling all over England playing for entertainment giants, 'Mecca' and played with recording artists of the day. During his career he's played at the famous 'Cavern' in Liverpool, all over Europe and spent 4 months at N.A.T.O. in Italy. In the north of England he did numerous cabarets  with some famous acts like, Gary Glitter, Gerry Marsden, Mungo Gerry and Rufus Thomas to name a few, this influenced Grahames proffessionalism. In 1979 living in London, he nearly lost his right arm with a circular saw and thought his career was over, however, persistance paid off and in 1987 Grahame emigrated to WA and continued his career with local Perth bands. Now he's the driving force behind 'INDIANA' Grahame also contributes towards some lead vocals and harmonies.